SBG Mini Banners!


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Thanks to the design folks at Krawler Koncepts, the SBG is stocking mini banners for your miniature garage. Or full-size, but really tiny normal garage!

I don't know... These are great little banners and what better way to represent your favourite forum?

$5 each shipped. Or all five of them for $20!

Paypal to: SOLD OUT

Please make sure to include the following in the notes on PP:

Your screen name, your banner choice by letter, and your current address.

NO PAYMENTS AS "GIFT". I'll refund it so fast, your head will spin. ;)

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE - there are only 10 of each variety right now.
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Thanks for the heads up that these were sold out... If you get them back in again... Ill take one!


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I would like to have one of these as well Matt if possible ? And is there a possibility that they would make another run of these because I would definitly pick up a set !!


Putting it in "H"
I wasn't planning on it, other things to do first. I'll refresh this thread if anything changes.


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Could Michelle have permission to make a single for me with others I'm ordering from krawlerkonceptz?