SBG Sticker Sheets - NHRA Style 2012


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With much consideration we decided that with technology thing are getting cheaper and far more easily accessible, we can simply provide the artwork to our paid subscribers. As we move forward we will continue to populate this section with our PDF sheets and you can print on your end. Quality waterproof color laser sticker paper is available out there, so you can print from home or office. For those serious guys you can take this file to your local vinyl shop and have them print a few sheets on industry grade vinyl.

We are providing this for personal use only so we only ask the following:
- Under no circumstances will we allow anyone to reproduce these sticker-packs for resale;
- This is only for paid forum subscribers so no sharing the downloaded file, download your own and keep it for yourself; (non-subscribers can get off their wallet and upgrade to get their own)

2012 SBG Decals, NHRA Style

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