Finally got a charger
I got into the hobby beginning of 2017 and an SCX10 was something I always wanted to build. Silly me, I got a CC01 with no hop-ups whatsoever and wanted it to crawl haha. I ended up trading it for some bits and pieces and never got around to completing an SCX10 then the 10.2 came out. Now here we are, 2021, restoring a rusty chassis with some good bits I?ve saved along the way.. enjoy

Chassis sat for a good couple of years..
just asking to get restored :laughing:


Chassis rails cleaned up pretty good..

Rear axles are complete, but the fronts, I?m not sure where the guts are so we?re swapping these out for some Rockjocks I?ve had for quite a while now. Those needed parts too

Let?s not forget the pro-line shocks

Assembled with incision links for the scx10 and a broken servo haha

Now we have a cleaned up roller! Still in need of a transmission and I?m pointing towards the Vanquish 3gear trans but I?ll save that for later.. wanted to get a body for this so Atleast I can display it while waiting on needed parts haha

I?m from the small island of Guam. You won?t even find it on google earth unless you zoom in real hard haha! One of the hardest things to get a hold of are aerosol cans for polycarbonate. All my sources online won?t ship cans and it?s understandable. With this build I really wanted to use an SCX10 body (lexan) to really get that first version feel of the build.
Problem solved!

I was watching imthatguy?s weathering work on his d90pickup and he mentioned paasche-talon. Did some research, and had to get one! (Thanks to my Lovely lady for this piece)

Pro-Line paints for polycarbonate thanks to RCDriver?s review

Jeep G6 rock racer body!

Have not cut lexan in a loooong time! This body in particular has a lot of straight lines and not so much curves (which I hate lol) so I was able to do one straight cut all around and snapped them all off :biggthumpup:

Test fitted

Body clips through the fuel tank..

Magnet posts in the front so no obvious body clips on the hood! Points!

Also found this from my 10.2 chassis before i turned it into a Rover.
Thought it was a perfect rear bumper

Now to mask the body..
In the end I want a black grill and fenders
Black panel lines
Black interior
Red seats and red fuel tank..

No crazy designs but Next pics are first try shots and I?m stoked!

Mojave Sand!

Backed it with white

Then black

Mars red for the seats and fuel cell!

Shot the grill fenders and panel lines black for the last layer

Peeled the interior?s protective film, applied the stickers, then used matte clear


Not sure how to post videos but I had a blast with the Timelapse for assembling the cage and the stickers included with the body

If that video link does not work, then here she is after the paint job ::D:

These incision methods and pitbull rockbeast i feel finally found their way to rig

More stickers added and also cut some decals with the very handy Cricut!
Cricut design space is awesome for quick stickers

That?s about it for now.. Vanquish 3gear trans, HW Fusion,
incision drive shafts hopefully soon so I can run this!
But at this point I?m real happy with the throwback build.

Happy Building! :biggthumpup:


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Looks great! Love seeing retro monster trucks and Tamiya kits, about time we had some retro crawlers!


Finally got a charger
Looks great! Love seeing retro monster trucks and Tamiya kits, about time we had some retro crawlers!

Appreciate that sir! Ton of collected parts laying around from the past years and thought I?d make use of em and build something I?ve always wanted haha