SCX10 servo winch and mount (print files included)


SCX10 ?Roulette? upgrades: Winch and Mount
The built itself is just a kit, not really worth polluting the forum with?

I figured I needed a winch.
With the 3-racing scale winches striping gears for breakfast (on others rigs), I felt I had to go tough.

I converted a servo to 360-rotation; (Tower-Pro MG995) opened up the case, removed the pot-meter, pulled out the pin of the final drive.

I then created a shaft that would fit the pot-meters slot.

Next I made a bearing holder to fit the servo bottom.

Well? that can be done better. I happen to own a hobby-grade 3D printer, why not put it to good use and make a new bottom. Bit measuring, bit of drawing, e presto!

Hey Printer, do your thing:

Now this working winch has to be mounted somewhere.
Bit measuring, bit of drawing, Voila!

Back to printing:

This mount is a direct fit to the SCX10 chassis rail. It replaces the original bumpermount. The original bumper also fits the new mount.

Right in front of the steering servo, just behind the grill.

Little hole in the bumper (with a printed fairlead).

For your convenience I posted the parts on thingverse (feedback/improvements will be appreciated):
Servo bottom
Winch mount

On a side note:
The servos electronics were not the best choice for the function. The deadband on the servo is zero. Leading to servo creep every time.
So I added a 10A brushed ESC to control the winch. Added bonus: the winch can be switched on and of separately, eliminating unintended use (and snapping lines).


Your welcome! I'm not in it for the money. It's a hobby. To me hobbies tend to cost more then they gain (money-wise that is). I don't see the use for everyone inventing their own wheel.
I learned a lot wandering back and forth thru this forum. If this is to be my addition to the collective; enjoy!