SCX24 King of the Hammers Tribute


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Here is my SCX 24 King of the Hammers Tribute micro build.


I intended this as a rough draft print but wanted to slap it together as a proof of concept after watching KOH all week. The chassis and body panels are a Little Guy Racing design from MyMiniFactory. Stopped by my local hobby shop and picked up a SCX24 Jeep to go along with all the 3D printed parts. The whole swap is just 12 screws and move the battery and esc. I had some AliExpress lights laying around and a LockedUp Rc 1/10 scale "tree saver" worked a treat to hold in the spare tire. Need to sort out a match. I hope to build more of these soon. This is a super fun micro turk and looks pretty good for mostly PLA and a splash of TRD flavored adhesive vinyl. The Chassis and body are really all that is not used from the original SCX24. Now that I know it all works, I'm going to focus on producing some higher quality prints, painting and scale details.