SMT10 "Impending Doom 2"


Let me 3D print that...
I have been a fan of the SMT10 from the beginning and knew that eventually I would have one to add to my long history with RC Monster Trucks. I guess that patience or procrastination paid off, because eventually Axial offered it in a raw builder's kit.



My plans for this truck are pretty simple...enjoy it and drive it often. A lot of my builds sit on the shelf more than they should, and I am hoping to break that habit with this one. I plan to build it as is for the most part and then upgrade and add more details as time goes on. So let's get to building.

The axles are standard AR60s. All I did was stuff them full of Vanquish grease and make sure everything works smooth. I did change out the stock steering links to a set of Incision links.


Next up are the shocks. Again, sticking with stock parts for now. I took care in building them, made sure to clean up the pistons for smooth action, and used green slime on the o-rings. They aren't too bad honestly and work pretty smoothly.


After that is the transmission and motor. The RBK includes metal gears for the transmission which is nice. They got some Vanquish grease as well during assembly. The motor is an inexpensive Arrma 15T which is one of the motors that is legal for the NRCTPA Sportsman/Sport Mod MT class. Driveshafts are the standard wild boar deals.



The SMT10 chassis is one of the cooler parts of this truck. While not an exact replica of the current Monster Jam trucks, it is a pretty good approximation of one and certainly brings a good bit of realism to the truck as a whole.




Let me 3D print that...
If there is one major miss with the SMT10 it is the wheelbase. I think it is nearly 14" stock which is pretty crazy, especially to be running on 2.2" tires. Fortunately the aftermarket rescued us from that pretty quickly. I decided to use a RH Designs SWB kit for this build. This is the 12.9" version. Some assembly required.



This version of the SWB kit also came with a pair of swaybars. The SMT10 doesn't have a front swaybar out of the box which is no bueno for handling. These RH Designs versions are pretty nice, and worth the money.



Slap all that stuff together, and now this thing is a roller. Transport wheels for the shop, of course.






Let me 3D print that...
Looking forward to this one, nice start- love the smt10 and nice additions.

Thanks. They are a great platform for sure.

So, let's talk about wheels and tires. My biggest letdown with the RCMT industry as a whole is that despite decades of producing kits, nobody has been able to get the tire size just right. 2.6" Clodbuster sized tires are basically all too big for these trucks which are all smaller than a true 1/10 scale. The 2.2" sized options are all on the small size for these trucks and are all too narrow in proportion with the diameter. If I could be king I would produce a scale 2.2" tire that about 5.75" tall and 3.75" wide. Scale wise, I think it would look just about perfect, and it would be a little easier on axle parts.

With all that nitpicking being said, it is a good time to be a RC monster truck fan as there are a ton of cool options for tires out on the market that let you capture the essence of just about any era of monster truck pretty well.

For this truck I decided to start out using the included 2.2" wheels that come in the RBK. I had a set of Proline Destroyers sitting around (that are no longer being produced - shame) that look really nice and replicate the current BKT Monster Jam tires pretty well. Other than being a little narrow, they look pretty convincing on the chassis without the body.




Next I needed to mount up a body. For this build I decided to go with the JConcepts 2005 Ford F250. One area that was challenging was the rear body mount. The stock mounts on the SMT10 are a little high at their lowest position for mounting a pickup body and they are right in the middle of the area that needs to be trimmed out to clear the roll cage structure. I designed and 3D printed a new rear body mount that fits between the rear shock towers which lets the body get lower and attaches in a more sturdy location.



I should also mention that I ended up using different front mounting posts as well. With this particular body the stock posts were going to end up beyond the bottom of the windshield, so I swapped them out for a set of offset posts from a SCX10ii.




Let me 3D print that...
Success is right. Very well thought out...!

Another amazing build!!

Thanks, guys!

So this body is going to be wrapped. At first it will be a temporary wrap with a graphic pattern that I found on some off the shelf vehicle wrap material along with the truck name that I will print myself on some vinyl material. I'm planning on designing the final wrap myself and having it printed through some folks that make wraps for RC MTs already. For now, I painted the body black and did the grille and front bumper in gunmetal. I like all of my bodies to be black on the inside because otherwise they look kind of unfinished when you get a glimpse of them. Anyway, here is the blank canvas:




Let me 3D print that...
A few more mods to the SMT10. I designed up a set of muffled headers and did a test print on my home printer for fitment. These are meant to replicate the headers found on many current Monster Jam trucks. Pretty happy with the look and fit...not satisfied with the FDM print quality, but that is easy enough to fix.



I also made a spring change as I felt the rates were a little stiff and the ride height was a little higher than I wanted. I moved the red springs to the rear and picked up a set of softer black springs for the front. This seems like it will work well for the type of running I plan do do with the truck.



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They stopped making those 2.2 Destroyers? What a shame. I have some for my kid's Stampede and it's pretty wild. I always thought that when I eventually break down and build an SMT10 I'd use those tires. Oh, well.

Truck looks great. Nice stance.


Let me 3D print that...
They stopped making those 2.2 Destroyers? What a shame. I have some for my kid's Stampede and it's pretty wild. I always thought that when I eventually break down and build an SMT10 I'd use those tires. Oh, well.

Truck looks great. Nice stance.

Yeah, they do some funny things at Proline. Right now they sell a 2.6" MT tire but discontinued the wheels they were meant for.

Thank you.

More building...

Decided to add a wheelie bar to the back. This is a bolt-on unit from RH Designs. Relatively easy install but a little clunky in some ways. Functionally it should be great.



The windows were cut out after that, because they should be. :)


And here it sits looking like a brand new fiberglass body with fresh gel coat waiting for a new wrap to go on. :)



Let me 3D print that...
Was able to get the driver painted up for this thing. For something a little different, I decided to leave the area surrounding the driver clear to create a little more depth for the interior. From most angles it looks ok. I also trimmed up the interior a little so that it could be mounted a little further forward. Having the driver sitting back past the rear plane of the cockpit area of the cage seemed strange to me.




Let me 3D print that...
So this one is "done enough" for now. I am still waiting on some decals for the side plates on the frame. They are taking their merry sweet time getting here from the UK. Eventually I will be doing a scale engine and fuel cell out back...eventually. The wrap is a combination of some auto wrap film and some inkjet vinyl graphics that I printed myself. It is meant to be a placeholder for now until I can design and have printed the wrap I want. The color pallete is the same but the graphic is meant to represent a highly pixelated version of the real imagery. I gave up on trying to keep this on 2.2" wheels and went with some JConcepts Tributes, JCT tires, and scale beadlocks.

Presenting "Impending Doom II".










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Fantastic looking smt10, love the colours!

Also interested to see the engine/fuel cell designs...


Let me 3D print that...
Fantastic looking smt10, love the colours!

Also interested to see the engine/fuel cell designs...

Looks so awesome! I too am interested in seeing the engine and fuel cell.

Thanks, guys. Hopefully I will get to that before too long.

In the mean time, those headers I printed earlier were test prints for something fun I had been working up a design for. I'm surprised nobody had tried this already, but I made up a set of backfire headers using Shapeways 3D printed parts and a lighting unit from MyTrickRC that has LED backfire capability.

The final versions came out nice, and even without the backfire LEDs installed they make a great set of scale headers.




Pictures only tell so much of the story, so I put together a short promotional video showing them in action and dubbed some sounds in for fun. There is lots of potential for fun vids using these things. :coolred: