SourApple Ford


Maybe take up knitting.
It's low, it's fast, and it's got frame rails.
Coming to a street race near you..........



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Finally...that color looks sick!
Shouldn't there be another Ford kicking around too??? evil


Maybe take up knitting.
haha that one got re-named, sortof.. well not really, but this turned up first! :biggthumpup:
It's actually your fault, because every time I sign in here, there's another rod thread :laugh:
Show and Shine, here I come!


I guess i gotta do my ford body now too:p6639707::laugh:

thats one of my fav greens
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Tease..........................I want more dangit.........


Maybe take up knitting.
Well, I think it's time I tell the story of this truck.

It started life as a 56 Ford F100, that my Grandpa bought when My dad was 6. It was a beauty, but considering my grandma was pregnant and had 4 kids already, there wasn't much time for Grandpa to drive it around. This is how it still looked in 1960.


Unfortunately, after my dad got driving in 70's it sort of got used and abused, and Grandpa sort of 'gave' it to him. After Dad basically beat on it for 15 years, it ended up looking like this, stuck in the field in the back of the farm. He sort of ditched the old Ford in favor of some big chevys back then.


About 5 years ago, Dad wanted to get the thing fixed up again, and (for some reason) started with the body. It was a sorry sight in the field, and the frame was still a mess, but he spend some good cash on the outside as well as some rims and tires. I thought it was cool, but being old enough to know better, he should have started underneath the thing. The paint shop said they wouldn't 'let it go back home' unless he got some chrome for it also, and I'm glad they did that, or Dad may have never done it. haha. This is what it looked like when he brought it home from the paint shop. Pretty good actually.



Maybe take up knitting.
It was so clean now that the poor truck demanded some attention on the mechanical side. Too bad Dad never had the ambition to do it.
I started getting on his case about it last year, and he finally admitted that at 60 years old, he was likely to never get to it, and it just might be my turn at the old thing.
I said YES!!! FINALLY!

Having some shop space for the job, and a bit of free time with older children of my own, I got to it real fast. The best news about this project is the thing was perfectly stored. He stuck it in the old horse stable under the back of the barn, and it really had nothing worse than endless chaff and dust and cobwebs.. like string they were! hahah. But I went and dug it out. It was under the right side of this place.


Once I got it home, I managed to get the body off. Wow, I forgot how few wires were in these things. I think there was only 100 feet of wire in the whole truck! haha. After stripping it down to the bare minimums I sandblasted the frame and stuff and began the painting process. It turned out OK for a first time, but what a messy job. I did the spraying and all outside, and brought it back in for the night.



Maybe take up knitting.
While I was doing the painting, my favorite metal supplier came by and dropped off some metal supplies for my project. He's a great dealer, and gives me good prices. I plan to use this tube for some crossmembers in the frame to bring it up to 'hotrod' status. The old 'uncle henry' didn't have a very stiff frame in the old days! haha


After the painting was done, I brought it in the shop and started the rest of the 'stationary' teardown... and got rid of that massive front 4x4 axle.
With the whole package weighing in as light as a 4wheeler, and not wanting to scratch my paint with jack stands, I stuck it on the old tires that Dad bought.


In an attempt to make the truck as cool as the bodywork, I found this gasser axle from GCM Racing. It bolts on to all the popular leafs and frames, so that was a bonus. The odd thing about this guy's design is it used the knuckles from my 4x4 axle for running the wheels, so I had to get them blasted and replace the bearings before the assembly.


I also worked just about every night to figure out how to get the thing to ride way lower, and the obvious thing was to flip the rear axle. Nice thing about this old truck is that's all I had to do. I just flipped it over, and replaced the u-bolt setup. That's it. Same springs even!



Maybe take up knitting.
I had the body stuck under some padding over in the other corner of the shop for the last few months, and thanks to 6 buddies coming over for some beers, we managed to get the cab and box back on after the suspension flip. Now that's more like it! hahaha!!


I crawled under the thing to get some pictures of the heights and setup just for my own files. There's still a whole bunch of room in there for the axle travel considering I didn't have to move the stock shackles or anything. I'm glad, because I already finished the frame paint, and didn't want to have to notch it after all that work, but if need be, you know I would have.


I think I will paint this front axle member also. It's cool that it is so shiny, but I'm really not into shiny for this truck. The paint can do that for me. They did tell me that I'd have to make up a shock mount for this thing, and that's fine with me, but at least most of the hard work was done already.



Maybe take up knitting.
Speaking of paint!! I managed to get a decent rub on this thing after so many years under the barn, and it isn't much worse off! I remember when Dad first brought it home, the shine made me made me crazy, and it's still almost that good! Must have cost him a bundle! haha. You can even see all the stuff on the wall of the shop in the reflection! Wow. The only other paint that I know does that is my Dad's Lexus. Except for installing my old supra tires on the truck backwards, they don't fit too bad, really. Can't wait to get some good old wide road pavers though!


Now I'm off to shop for tires and wait for the driveline to be completed at the speed shop. Some good old ford blue is needed under this massive hood! More later!


bowties power fords better than the crusty blue oval.Something like a real big block(572)oh yeah ford don't have one.oh well they do make motors that help you walk more.So if you need to lose weight then go with the blue oval.:givesyawings:

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Please tell me or better yet can you show us a video of it drifting.....Please Please Please. Excellent job on the suspension


2 wd drifter? hmm dont sound verry succesful... donuts lol is all she would do


sweet build, i,m really diggin the makes me think of a jolly