Steering Servo Mount for TRX-4 by BowHouse RC


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We all know that the steering servo is the first upgrade on any RTR, and the TRX-4 is no exception. We're pleased to announce our new Steering Servo Mount for the TRX-4 to help make that easier and more durable. Here's our mount:
Steering servo 1.PNG

Why design this part? The stock steering mount was designed for Traxxas servos, which have a wider mounting hole offset than most standard sized servos. Here it is side-by-side with the Holmes Hobbies SHV-500 servo:

Instead of having to trim the locating pins off the stock servo and force the mounting screws through the end of the servo ears, our mount allows you to bolt most standard size servos right in without modification. Here it is installed:



The servo mount is available now through our Shapeways store along with our other parts for the TRX-4:


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