Steering servo recommendations


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Looking for a steering servo recco... Have an old skool Hi Tec that has too much shaft play and i'd like to replace it with something newer/better/stronger.. It's for my old Tamiya F350 Hi Lift

Thanx in advace



What the hell was that?!
I like those 20kg servos from Amazon and eBay. They?re usually red or blue in color. They?re cheep and powerful enough for a truck. I don?t know why people think they need 600oz servos on direct 4S voltage for a truck with 4? tall tires.


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Yea. DSServo 3218 20kg units will be perfect. I?ve got some and no issues. One is steering my stupid heavy D90. Been in there for almost 2 years and going strong.

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Thanx guys...

I wound up replacing the upper bearing as it was worn out... Replaced it with a sealed sooper smooth one and it works a treat