Tamyia Electric Handy Drill


I drank the MEK
I have only seen on review one this drill and was intrigued by it.
I was in one of my semi local hobby shops and they had it in stock. I figured for 32 bucks at the worst i could use it a couple times and then it can go in my tamiya collection.


The only change i made, just because i can never leave anything alone. Is to replace the white bushing with a good bearing.

It only took about 20 minutes to put together and it drills hole great. So much easier than trying to use one of my dewalts to drill fine holes
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That's cool you could even pimp it up & make it brushless lol

It's a 130 motor... are there any BL servos with 130 BLs? :hmmm:

In Mini4WD land though, there's plenty hopup 130s albeit brushed. The hottest ones can draw enough current to make NiMH AAs weep for mercy.


I drank the MEK
Lol when i posted a pic to a local facebook page, everybody mentioned going brushless. That's when i started looking around a bit and found all the brushed 130 hop-up motors that Tamiya has and it got me thinking.
After using the drill for a few task, i really don't see the need to go upgrading the motor any time soon. Now when i get the router they make that might be a different story.
My only complaint on the whole drill is the trigger lock. I double checked that i had it together right and i still can't make it work.


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Crickey I was only having a lend :laughing:
But that is pretty cool that you can hop it up Anyhow it's a really cool little brill you have there sir
I didn't even know they existed
Thanks for sharing ::2thumbs


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the router 74042 uses same case moulding and is direct drive motor to output shaft, no reduction transmission