TF2 Wheels not in center of wheel arches?

jeff in ohio

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Hi Guys,I have a TF2 kit.It is assembled,and I am starting the body work.Has anyone noticed the front wheels are nearer the front of the wheel arches,and the rear wheels are nearer the rear of the wheel arches?Its like the wheel base is a little too long for the body.Has anyone ever moved the axels a bit,and if so I would like to hear how you did it.Thanks!


What the hell was that?!
That's typical of an RC with leaf spring shackles in the front of the front axle and shackles in the rear of the rear axle. When the suspension is compressed (even under it's own weight) the wheelbase extends outward in both directions. Not worth fixing in my opinion. But if you decided you absolutely had to fix it I would recommend moving the rear spring hanger forward slightly.

jeff in ohio

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Thanks for the reply.I have done the mods imthatguy recommends in his vid,remove shock spring,no small helper,ect...I like that the truck sits lower and more realistic,but I can see I will have rubbing in the front.I will just clearance the body.Thanks again,JK


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Consider the inside spring hangars by CC Hand for the D90/110. They move the spring hangars in about +/- 6mm depending on direction you face them. I used them on the rear axle for my "stock" setup Blazer. Also consider using U-Bolts to relocate the axle (you will have to use the "helper" on top since they have locating holes in the main leaf.

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