"The Steelhead" FJ40


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(Edit: After talking about trouts and old fish'n holes, it influenced my head and I had some dreams of past days. When I woke up today, I thought of a name for the build..."The Steelhead". Mix trouts, replacing most of the kit' parts with steel, and future Metalhead axles.....Steelhead).

At first, I was going to do a total scratch build; and although I'm in no hurry to finish building it, I still want to get it done ready to crawl for the spring.

First on the list was a Dinky "Split-Skid". I'm still waiting for the maker to finish off the batch that mine is in. Next was some bad-_ss wheels. Thanx GCM Racing! These wheels are wickedly cool.devil

Then I picked up a Dingo builders kit. First mod was to de-paint the chassis rails, and scratch them up good ready for future brazing. To my supprise, the kit came with 4-link axle mounts, so I 8-32'd, 1/4" steel'd, Jato-rod'd some suspension & steering links. Front bumper was next. It still has to get the rest of the tube-work done.

Next wil be the rear bumper, shock towers, and side gaurds. I'll update when those are done:


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I forgot to mention, that this build will be a culmination, of all the cool builds that I've seen on the Scale Builders Guild. People with great builds will likely recognize their influence.


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Thanx again fellas (Butter's voice).:laugh:

I really want a sweet ride, like when I saw the Mangler, the YJ with half door build, the Icon one going on, the olive WJ4 with all the rust, as well as a few others I've drooled over here and there. Also the precision of the Mongo, that's on another forum. I'm trying to be precise like it (although I have not the propper steel-working tools).:nonono:

I like my wee indoor crawl'n adventures, but it's time to take it outside with a bigger one. My plan is to go hiking as I normally do, only with it, a vid/camera, and some refreshments...
I know of a lot of good areas that I used to trout fish. It's been a while, so I can't wait to explore those areas again. Wid ma truck.

Nuff yap. I sculpted the rear bumper tonight (should have been working on client composite stuff).shhh

Check it:


And dangling on the rails:


I just have to make mounting tabs on it, so it can come off when I need to slide parts between the rails. I nearly brazed it on, then I thought...wait a minute...


Glad I could help fund the build. Canada post has some goodies siting there for me, thanks again and good luck with the build.


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Glad I could help fund the build. Canada post has some goodies siting there for me, thanks again and good luck with the build.

Thanx. It all adds up quickly. The plan was to build up from all lah-dee-dah bits; but in reality, the lah-dee-dah bits will replace parts that break, when they break.

Hope my axle housings break....Metalheads!...:rock:


first timer ..man you got skills lol great job subscribed as well.


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Yes, I have some hobbying skills, but metal is all new to me. It's taken me 4-hours to make my rear bumper. And it's still not done.

Could do it in 1, if I was doing a carbon fiber version. It's the challenge of the steel that has me addicted.
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Got the rear bumper done today. I globbed it on good, cause I want these thing tough. Now I just have to drill the mounting hole into the side mounts, and bolt it on


Again dangling:


Either the side guards or the shoch towers will be next.


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Shock Towers

I got one shock tower made today. Square 1/16" x 1/2" x 1/2" tubing, sawed, drilled, filed, and sanded.

3-more to go: