"The Steelhead" FJ40


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So mean! I love it Nigel. ::bigdrool

Thanx Matt. :biggthumpup:

A gorgeous rig...

Thank you too. :beerchug:

very nice work and lots of good info

And thank you, and hope some of the info serves you well.

wow, It's been a while since I checked in on this one. Beautiful work Nigel. Attention to detail is second to none. So easy to fudge the tiny details between model years and you've got it down. Very nice!

Ditch the GPS and get one of them there new compass boxes.

Attention to detail of model years what? I just did what was on the Tamiya body. :blush:

I got the GPS decal from a Dinky kit I won, so I jammed it on the build. I'll upgrade to the compass box soon. :jester:

compass box art.jpg


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Nigel you are one crazy dude. Any way I'm still picking my lower jaw from the floor. Are you by chance a bike frame builder?


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Nigel you are one crazy dude. Any way I'm still picking my lower jaw from the floor. Are you by chance a bike frame builder?

Being "Crazy", is how I keep from going "Insane"...

Been into bikes all me life, work part-time as a wrench, building my own road frame from scratch, but I'm not a frame builder. I was thinking about becoming one, but that would take away my wee truck building time. :biggthumpup:


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Great looking build .....::2thumbs Nice work

Thank you kind Sir.

Finally found some cool testing grounds, but the rig has been plagued with bugs. I get to the spot, turn on the camera and rig, ran for about 10sec, and steering dissapeared. The servo beep noise at around 8sec, was when steering was lost.

It was a bad connector. Sorted now.


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Then the motor started acting up. It's lost it's low-end torque.

I recon a comm turn and some new brushes should fix it (it fricken better).

When all is god, some cool footage, will be gathered to share with y'all.


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Re-doing all the electrical. Esc was replaced (solved the above post), not to mention, this new king of torque is going in:



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Finally Got Out For a Crawl

Revisited some spots, as well as discovered a new area through the woods at boulder crick.

Check out the action:

The Pines

New area at Boulder Crick

Back at Boulder Crick

Now just to get some more time, to get updated around here...


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Wow! Just read this thread from start to finish. You Sir, have the knack! Fabulous build.

That's a long read. Thanks Man. :biggthumpup:

Great vids, third one is my favorite. Probably one of if not my favorite build of all time.

Glad ya loved it. I haven't touched it for a while. Keep blowing servo tandem set-ups. Gotta contact HeyOk to sort it out soon.

This build is outstanding. From the weathering to the metal work. What a beast!

Been messing with helis for the last year. I'll get back to it soon, and make some fresh vids, now I have a head for the driver. Cheers.


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I look like this. Although I have a beard now.


This is the first pic back on this thread. The rest will be put back, as fast as I can :)