"The Steelhead" FJ40


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I wasn't gonna do it, because the kit came with a 4-link truss, and was planning to save all the axle-brazing, for future Metalhead axles. But I just couldn't stop thinking about the plastic 4-link truss.

Had to start on some:


Also made the grill gaurd. Man that was hard to bend, and try to make it symetrical. It just barely is. My excuse for anything brazed crooked; It will get bent after some tumbles anyway:


Hope to have all three done and mounted tomorrow. We'll see.


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lookin great! your hard work is paying off this is going to be a very cool build

Thanx. I'm liking it so far. The brazing is really impressing me with, "If ya take your time, it'll turn out". And learning new things all the time. Such as when you clamp down the brakeline to hold part in place, then the heat fron brazing red's up the metal making it softer, and the clamping device leaves slightly crushed tubing.

The truss at the back was the one I learned the above on. You just make out where the rod-ends bolt to, that the tube is ovalish. The one in front came out as planned:



And posing them:


This is as far as I can go until I make a body, get my transmission and drive bits in, so I can figure out some roll cage tubing.


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Looking great man! Metal work is fantastic. Are those gcm wheels?


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Dude, I don't mind at all. My truck is a culmination of all the ideas, that I have seen on other truck builds. So you are not really using my ideas. I may have put my own flavour on to the part, and I'm sure what you come up with, will show your own flavour too.


really excellent job loving the shock mounts and the trusses are sick!


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Thanx fellas.

Had a wee bit of fab time today. So I started started on the servo / Ft. body mount. Still have to braze it in the chassis.

The idea is to use these on the back side for the servo; and velcro on the front, for the body to mount on:




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First scale build huh :huh: WOWsa

Yes, yes, I swear.

I'm not an unexperienced hobbyist / much-about'r, I'm always making up something or the other, and just used that on this build.

Metal work is all new though. I cut big, then file down to size. It takes longer, but the wait is good.


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hey Nigel the truck is looking awesome. I like the idea you have for the chassis mount steering. A quick question for you seeing those shock mounts with the proline strokers, what was it you used for the shock bushings is that just nitro fuel line i would like to get something of the sort for my JK Truggy build

also like how you tied the front bumper into the chassis rails

I used the ball-type Proline shock mount, but cut it down to just the ball. On each side of the ball, are the Stock SCX10 shock bottom-out rubbers, cut in half, then cut in half again. 3mm bolt tying them all together.

I lucked out with the front bumper. I didn't plan on the way it looks going into the rails.
At first the top covered the rails, and I did't like the angle it gave the bumper. So I cut the top, to fit between the rails & make the bumper more level, and it looked way better. So in it went.


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I've got a winch coming. That and a GRU, more Axial drive shaft bits, 5mm shaft adapter, and the Dinky Split Skid.

The body will be fiber-reinforced Epoxy.

I'm flashing a mold of a produced body, then using the flash mold to make usable body pieces for some new, changed body plugs. These plugs will be cast, and I will use the molds from them, to make my body.

I need body pannels, made from meterials that can be propperly joined, and reinforced for strength. Also for the ease of cutting ,sanding, mudding and blending, as well as to make the body as strong; or light, based on the number of reinforcement layers used.

I've got the grill bezel female flash-mold made: