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...Edit..... Name change... Finding the Parma pickup which fits touring-car specs was substantially less convenient than grabbing an HPI Vette..

Step 1: Revert my forward-weighted, RWD drifter back into its original, stable touring-car platform. As the pictures show, my HB Cyclone is currently running in reverse with the long belt powering the rear (which used to be the front) and direct steering up front (where the rear diff used to be).




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What? No more Real Wheel Drive drifting? Awww...

Time for some drug racing. lol

:laugh: A lot of broken hearts out there, I'm sure... Trust me, if I happened to have another chassis laying around, I'd keep this baby as it is for future cravings of masochistic pleasure.


So this is the new dragster? It's rwd right? And moving all the weight up front? Have you a chance to test it yet to see how it handles? It's the opposite weight balance I went for. about 30 up front and 70 percent in the rear


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...Edit..... Name change... Finding the Parma pickup which fits touring-car specs was substantially less convenient than grabbing an HPI Vette..

Which one? This one?


I have one on my project bench right now.. :biggthumpup: shhh


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Here's some more pics to confuse Brayden. Chassis reverted back to stock layout (almost). Bansal was also kind enough to point out that a reversed one-way centre-pulley running to a front spool will give you 4-wheel braking while remaining RWD on throttle. It was right in front of my nose from the R/T line-lock but I just hadn't seen it. Thanks Jeevs!



Cut some touring rims and slapped on some o-rings (yet to be tested).



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Update: The reason I was able to pull out and reverse the internals of the one-way was because it's slipping so all the front drive components have been yanked. The front is now even lighter and controlled braking with the rear only is no problem at all.

The stock hood has some 'scoop' contours molded in but I wanted something a little more obvious.


Inserted a portion of an o-ring for a rounded edge.


This is the first time in my life that I've ever worked with a Bondo-type product and I thoroughly enjoyed the sculpting aspect of it. Reminds me of working with clay as a kid.


Functional scoop, btw.


The 1.9 wheels with o-ring tires functioned brilliantly but in the looks department, not so much. Fortunately, MattC discovered these model Firestones decorating my basement track and found that they fit an 'M' chassis (Mini Cooper) wheel quite nicely. Thanks, Matt!



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Looks wicked Al... this build and yesterday's visit has forced me to tear down this brand new cyclone over here. Can't wait to film some wheelie action with you guys!

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That's HOT Al! Man, those front wheels/tires turned out beautiful. Great job on the inner fenders.:bowdown:


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Wow dude that thing looks sooo wicked, almost makes me feel better after the loss of the R/T, she will be missed but her dragin spirit shure lives on with this one!:biggthumpup::biggthumpup: