thinking of doing something crazy


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im thinking of getting a 10-12 amp charger and a 5000 mah 2s lipo (rated at 3 c charge rate aka 12 amps)
so a brushless rc with 30-40 minute~ run time if you don't mash the gas and aren't on and off the throttle and in theory because a 5 amp charger will charge a 5000 mah 2s in about a hour if i jump to 10 amps should charge in about half a hour and even less on 12 amps but maybe not 12 amps because 12 amps is the max the battery can take and i don't want to prematurely wear it so i'll stick to 4 amps (current charger) and 10 amps on a new charger , i know these aren't the best batteries but 8 minutes (brushed im waiting on brushless) on a 3000 7.2 v nimh isn't cutting it am i crazy or is this a good idea of course this isn't including the cool down time on charger and battery but if i get 50 cycles on this battery it'll be worth it and the battery should drop right into my basher (unless size specs are wrong) i only ordered a brushless motor because pretty much everywhere was out of brushed motors (hopefully they restock before i break the brushless system) once i get a brushed motor ill drop it in and run 2s and be a happy camper until i break it

TLDR:10 amp charger(maybe) 5000mah 2s lipo and brushless until i get a dual bearing brushed motor in

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compared to you guys not crazy