This should be fun. Your most Absurd and Usable Scale creation?


Thought it would be a cool thing to see how far people have taken their scale addiction.

Among all the Mods you have done and or seen (Plz share a pic/vid if plausible), what are you most absurd, but usable scale mods you like, hate, are proud of, or taken aback by?

Of course, I am looking to steal ideas, so let us not confuse this. lol

So out of all the mods you have done, what are some of your most off the wall, out of the ordinary, but fully scale and functional "Scale Mods".

This should be an interesting thread. Of course, I have 1/2 a dozen things in my head that I didn't try to do before I got out. But now, I am going to try a few of them anyways.

I'll post mine up as I get the fiddly bits assembled and share the ideas as they come to life.

So as they say
The Needle Goes In


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Hand-rolled toilet paper, for my Corona branded Baja Blazer race truck...

Wild Willy has been known to panic-buy a roll or two too in the past:



Here are a couple of mine. They're 1/14 scale.

Scale rc cars, for your rc cars




Teardrop trailer


Bic pen into coffee Thermos

Also made some styrene cigarette packs, and a couple magazines that went into that dumptruck

I had also made several rolls of scale toilet paper a couple months ago when i did the forklift toilet paper video

Was the 6-pack carton something you made, or bought somewhere?
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Sweet Creations those are some cool things you all have made. If someone can't get inspiration from these lil masterpieces of art, they just ain't got no Soul! lol

Love the creative and inginuitive directions you all have gone.