TLC body swaps a VS410-Pro "VS410 Face-Off"


Scaled, but not fishy.
I finally got around to putting a basic interior into this rig.

When I say basic, I mean it's pretty rough. What Mr Savage would call "a quick and dirty build".;)

On the sliding scale of "1 to Craft Foam" it's probably a 7.5... ::awwcrap :loll:

I decided to make some simple and rough vacuum formed styrene pieces held in with double sided tape.
The idea was to give the "impression" of a 45 series interior.
After all, this is just a lexan body....... :hmmm::yawn:
I couldn't justify attempting all the exacting fine interior details that a lot of artisan's on this forum impress us with.;)

I roughly added some detail to my MDF bucks using a Dremel freehand......... Next time I'll drink less coffee beforehand..:loll:

Vacuum formed basic styrene interior - un-painted.jpg

There is only a seat back as the battery sits where the seat base would be.
I didn't even bother with the window winders or grab handles on the door trims.:paranoid:

But then, I'm not bothering with a full interior, like I said, just the "rough impression".

Next I added a splash of paint and dirtied it up a bit.

Vacuum formed basic styrene interior - painted.jpg

A few well placed pieces of double sided tape and Robert's your Mother's brother.

Interior shot - seat backs.jpg

Interior shot - dash and door trim.jpg

With the windows of the lexan body being dust weathered with an airbrush, plus when this rig finally gets covered in real dust.......
I reckon my "dodgy brothers" interior will pass muster just fine. ;):laughing:

Just don't look too closely........::suspect:loll:

Thanks for droppin' by fellow tiny truckers, have an awesome weekend. ::2thumbs


Scaled, but not fishy.
Thanks Matt, I could "hardly resign" myself to putting craft foam in this rig....;)
Hmmm......... speaking of dodgy practices (not looking at anyone in particular.... :laugh: :loll:).........

Never use a hi-lift jack as the sole support point when removing a wheel from your rig.......:paranoid:
Hi-lifts are an awesome recovery tool and have many uses, but it is best practice to use a rated jack stand under your rig, just in case.....:yikes:

....... like a rusty old jerry can......... ::awwcrap:rolleyes2:

Dodgy practices 2.jpg

I'm just here for the LOL's......... :laughing::biggthumpup:

The next pics I post of this rig should be out on the trail, see you then fellow tiny truckers. ::2thumbs


So I've needed to pick up an airbrush for some time. I think that is a tool I need to add to my repertoire. This build is inspiring me to follow up on that again. Weathering on this looks amazing.


Scaled, but not fishy.
So I've needed to pick up an airbrush for some time. I think that is a tool I need to add to my repertoire. This build is inspiring me to follow up on that again. Weathering on this looks amazing.
I purchased a cheapo airbrush made from 100% pure "chinesium", and it works fine for my beginner skill level.;):loll:
Coupled with a few quality model paints and the finest training YouTube could provide, it has yielded much enjoyment and many surprising results.
Dive in and have a crack mate, you won't regret it. ::2thumbs


Scaled, but not fishy.
Well the sun peeked out from behind the clouds this morning, so I took the Cruiser out for a run.

Creek run.jpg

I had a great time trying to thread it through the rocks along a dry creek, without ripping the side mirrors off.:yikes:

Rocky climb.jpg

It actually still performs quite well despite all of the scale detail (known as weight...:loll:) I have added.

Creek run 2.jpg

The driver of course hopped out to take these photos...........:ashamed:::suspect

All in all, I'm very pleased with this rig now......
I guess that means it's time to start working on something else....;):biggthumpup:

Have a great week Tiny Truckers. ::2thumbs


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Yep, luckily I live near a State Forest. ::D:
There is plenty of erosion gullies and some rocky hills that yield a good variety of scale trailing options, from mild to wild. :biggthumpup:
Sounds great. I'll hit you up if I'm heading your way.


Scaled, but not fishy.
Beautiful clear and sunny Winter's day today.. :biggthumpup:

Thought I'd take the VS-410 Cruiser out again.

FJ45 trail run.jpg

Even gave the old girl the berries a few times....;)

FJ45 action.jpg

Like the saying goes.....
"When in doubt........ increase the accelerator pedal input" :laughing::loll:

Keep on truckin' tiny style. ::2thumbs