Tonka winnebago on GCM Cmax, tribute to TWD


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Hello !

Last year, at the Jsscale experience, Jerome gave me that Tonka in my hands with a few TWD action figures and told me : "Patrick, just go for it and give me back next year !":confused:

And last weekend, at the JSE 2021, i gave him back, and this is what happened before to this turk :



Very well done. The exploding door is outstanding.

I built one to an Ace Ventura theme and had a blast doing it. They really are fun. You took the detail to another level. Nice.


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Great and fun details! As far as I remember those Walking Dead figures are a bit small. Is the truck a little smaller than 1:10?


Putting it in "H"
Haha, super disturbing, but I love the attention to detail. Nicely done sir. Did you end up having to melt that person on the front?


That's an amazing dollhouse!!! I love all the awesome zombie details you crammed into everything!

What truck parts did you stick under it?