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G'day guys This is a question for our Aussie members or any one really please feel free. And yes I have spent countless hours searching :yawn: I would like to have a crack at making some of my own custom bar work but I have no idea where to get the tool & metal stock or what size to get.
I have been searching the net & shops around Darwin & have no luck :mecry: when I go to a metal or tool shop & ask for 3/16'' tube & rod & something to bend 3/16'' they look at me like I have 2 heads :crazy: It also makes it hard when we don't have a hobby shop in Darwin anymore :rage:
Can you guys please help me out ::pray
Thanks in advance

Q.1 What sort of bender do you guys use for tube & flat & where do I buy them?

Q.2 What metal stock are you guys using eg: type size tube & flat


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Look up a guy in here called H2MICRO. Im sure he can point you in the right direction. Il let him know you looking gfor help too.


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Gidday mrmat01

I myself am in Sydney, but think I can still give you some assistance.

I actually buy my 3/16 brake line or bundy tube off eBay and have it posted to me.

If you search on eBay for bundy tube, and select Australia only you should get a handful of sellers that can help.

In addition, you can also source tube from old cars at the wreckers. Other tube diameters bigger than 3/16 is expensive or impossible to find on line. However I recently found 6mm and 8mm and 10mm OD pipe under E Series Fords.

Now, for brazing, I purchased a Mapp Gass bottle and torch combo from Bunnings and I use the white brazing rods, also from Bunnings.

For a bender, again eBay to the rescue.

$40 dollars or so will get you a tube bender, but the bends are not very tight. There are not many other options unfortunately unless you make something up yourself.

Also, Look for me on Facebook if you like, Ben Perfect is me.



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Thanks for the help H2Micr0:biggthumpup:. Don't do face book but thanks anyway
May be I should rephrase my question

Q.1 What type metal eg: mild steel, alloy, brass, stainless are you guys using
tube size: what size tube do you guys use say for building front & rear bars rock sliders ect
flat plate what thickness & type of material do you guys use for building front & rear bars
& dose any one know of any retailers hobby shops online retailer ect

Q.2What sort of bender do you guys use for tube Brand name or home made. I've found a few on ebay but none of the smaller size ones that bend past 90 deg & I'm just a little confused :confused:
What sort of bender if any do you use for you flat plate.
I did find these stores on line