toyota landcruiser hj61vx


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hi just want to share some pic of my project the battery was low that day the photos where taken so there no lights on the car . it is a mfabstudio body i put together . the chassis is a scx10 i cut in half and disignet a mount to extend it and fore the gearbox, my freind designed the 12ht engine cover to the engine bay same as the clutch master cylinder are printet in resin and hallow so i can fill fuild to the smoke modul by take the lit of it and full in there . rc4wd toyota ultimate scale toyota ll axels front and rear . leaf springs and arb shocks without springs. cchand arb front bumper cut in half and a guy maked it 3 cm more wide to it fit the 1/8 scale the body was in . my vision of the process was to build it similiar to my 1/1 landcruiser . took me and my freind 9 mounth to build it hope you enjoy
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