Toyota Trekker Bed


What the hell was that?!
I am very pleased to announce the latest product from Turks and Jerps! This piece will instantly convert your boring old Hilux cab into a Toyota Trekker! It will fit a Tamiya or RC4WD cab. It's designed utilize the stock taillights and rear marker lights from either RC4WD or Tamiya.

These beds are hand cast in resin. It has a similar weight and strength as an ABS/PS body. With that in mind these will vary slightly in thickness in some areas. I strive to make the best quality product I can within the limits of the materials I use. This is NOT for novice builders as it may require some modifications to fit your specific needs. Prior experience with hard body painting and assembly recommended.

$85 + shipping. Quantities are limited.







Required to finish:
Light sanding, filling minor holes and dimples with filler (Bondo glazing putty or similar), washing and then priming and painting as any hard body. You will have to supply and cut your own window "glass". If you choose to model it as the full size vehicle, you will need to cut out the front wall of the bed. I'm leaving it filled in for extra strength while shipping and for the ones who don't plan on modeling an interior. The best tool I have found for cutting this material is a hacksaw.
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that 2 now! i bet that if a group buy thread is opened well get enough people so n00b can make a batch!


What the hell was that?!
Ok, you guys talked me into it!

Send me a message if you're interested in a preorder.
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