trans and reciver question



not sure if this is the right section to ask, but i was wondering can i use any 2.4 transmitter and any 2.4 revicer together? i have a Kyosho syncro 3-channel 2.4Ghz. i would like to use this radio/for more then one truck and i cant seem to find another reciver for sale by its self. so would i be able to use say a traxxas, futaba, airtronics, or other brand?

sorry if this is stupid to ask but i tried to google search it and nothing came up.


Putting it in "H"
Doubtful. Each receiver is bound to it's type of transmitter. Otherwise, I would not have bought 10 $80 receivers...


What the hell was that?!
A lot of the cheap Chinese ripoff radios work together. Flaky will work with the axial. If they look the same they usually work together.