Traxxas TRX4 Bronco Interior Kit


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At nearly a year in the making, I can finally say the the interior for the Traxxas TRX4 Bronco is complete. Final order went out last week so now we play the waiting game...
This is the "deluxe" version but the price was terrifying so I am going to make a shallow one and a simplified dash version as well. There is an automatic and a manual option as well. The dash alone is made up of 15 separate parts including knobs and gauges so it is quite the model kit! It will feature working dash lights, working steering wheel and front body pins for installation. There will be a version that uses the stock rear body mount as well. I will post the installation and build video on youtube as soon as it comes in.





Prototype version:




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Stellar as always! The detail/time you put into this is showing. Fantastic work... if only I had a Bronco :).

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Well we are done. Here is the video series going over the complete set. If you are interested in this, please look through this so that your expectations are met. Email me any questions at




trxb01-01 TRX4 Bronco Automatic Interior Bucket -

trxb01-02 TRX4 Bronco Manual Interior Bucket -

trxb02-01 TRX4 Bronco Main Dash Hi-Detail -

trxb02-02 TRX4 Bronco Main Dash Basic -

Coming soon:
trxb02-03 TRX4 Bronco Main Dash One Piece (low detail & does not need TRXB08-01 & TRX06-01/2)

trxb03-01 TRX4 Bronco Door Panels -

trxb04-01 TRX4 Bronco Interior Rear Panel -

trxb05-01 TRX Bronco Interior Roll Cage -

trxb06-01 TRX4 Bronco Interior Steering Column – Automatic -

trxb06-02 TRX4 Bronco Interior Steering Column – Manual -

trxb07-01 TRX4 Bronco Interior Detailing Parts -

trxb08-01 TRX4 Bronco Dash Parts -


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i have been a fan of your stuff for quite a while and this does not disappoint.
my dad had a 79 F series and the brown version you posted above is EXACTLY the same colors (his was a Lariat with a tan bench seat though).
and the nice green-ish light from the dash is so accurate... the glow took me back to my days as a tyco driving 8 year old riding shotgun in pop's old ford on the way home sunday night from a desert camping trip.

i don't own a traxxas bronco, but my 79 ford pickup build (still in progress) might be getting a few detail goodies from this kit.

*DEAR GOD MAN do those AC vents actually SWIVEL??! absolutely INCREDIBLE.


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WELCOME to the cream of the Scaler/Crawler Builders, Alberto!! ::2thumbs
You are definitely getting more into it. As soon as I can get a Clear Traxxas Bronco Body and Chrome Kit, to fit on my SCX10..... THIS is the Interior I want.
..... Reminds me so much of my old 79 Bronco!! Your Dashboard is spot on.



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Well, this is a year old, but I STILL want this. I"m thinking this is the best looking RC interior ever.