TRDPRO 5th Gen 4Runner Inferno Build


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a ton of work to do on that, but i?m happy to see that you make progress. i?m Sad, because still long way to see video of that truck in terrain to see that suspension working. good luck
Thanks! May be before the end of the year it will be done.
Looking bad ass. Well done!

Coming along good. Patiently watching!
Thanks guys!

I learned a little today building my rear bumper. I can now make nice and precise bends and still using a 22 gauge steel plate. I may have to redo my front bumper.



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love it, nicely done

Good job on the bumper. Loving this
Wow man that’s amazing!

Neil, as per usual your metal work is top notch. Well done.
Thanks Matt and Rich. Grinding the inside part makes the bends easier and straight. No more clamping and hammering lol.
Very impressive - that took some doing!!
Thanks! Took me 3 different side patterns just to perfect it.

Added a swingout for my sparetire, gas cans and maxtraxx.

This is how i always make my pivot hinge.

Also installed my roofrack and snorkel.

Trimmed the lower part of my front bumper.


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Sweet.. only getting better and better! Keep going
start to look like XO truck Rufio.
Expedition overland. I copied the roof rack will also add roof top tent and boxes.
nice work!i love toyotas!also,where does that body come from?i'd love to get one.

I think that is the 3rd 4Runner body I've seen, so far. Where can I get one?
Thanks! The body is from “mfab4x4 3d print design” just search it on facebook.


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I'm afraid that if I ever do own one, I will crack the body when out crawling. One reason why I still like Lexan
Scale trail damage ::2thumbs the panels on the body are super think and honeycomb inside.

thanks!i'll see if i can grab one,i'm a huge toyota nut,only fitting i add a 5th gen 4runner!
Nice! He is currently designing a fj60 land cruiser.

Finally solved my problem with the motor and transmission location. Still using the hammer transfer case but end up using scx10 transmission as my second transfer case and position the motor behind the hammer tc. I also used hpi gear reduction unit as my transmission since it has no spur gear. With 35t motor the speed and torque are perfect.

She crawls great!

After running the truck in pavement i stripped the front hpi differential gears. I forgot the overdrive set up on my diffs :eek: