Tuff Box Bed Storage Boxes


Let me 3D print that...


Mod19RC is proud to offer a nice and functional scale accessory for your crawling and trail running adventures. The Tuff Box is a highly detailed replica plastic bed box for pickups (or anything needing a utility box). It includes many details in both the base and the lid including a coined texture on the lid and reinforcement ribs underneath. It can be mounted using two screw holes in the bottom.

There are two versions of the Tuff Box, a Full Depth bed version and a Half Depth version. The Full Depth is geared towards builds with a full drop bed conversion, and the Half Depth version is meant for truck bodies that come from the factory with a shallower bed. Both have plenty of room to hold lots of trail gear/recovery equipment.

To build a complete box, you will need to choose the base you want and then also choose the lid separately. Additionally, you will need to source (4) Neodymium 1/8 inch x 1/8 inch round magnets and (2) M2x8 or M2x10 socket head screws. When inserting the magnets, pay attention to the polarity to make sure the lid closes properly.

The parts can be purchased in the standard dyed black material or in white. The white takes paint well and can save a little money if you already have some black paint on hand. I did my best to reduce the cost as much as I reasonably could, but they still end up being a little spendy. Hopefully the detail and functionality make up for it. Visit the Mod19RC Shapeways store through the link below to purchase.


Half Depth examples:





Full Depth Examples: