Twin axle trailer


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This is the first complete 3D project I've undertaken and has proven to be a lot of fun. Up until now I've just just designed components for larger projects. It's a twin axle car hauler with leaf springs, lighting, integrated ramp storage and independently rotating axles. The chassis was dimensioned using 1/2" aluminum channel for the side rails. The width is based on the RC4WD diamond plate which will be used to finish the deck off.

So far the rails, leaf spring mounts, tongue, hub assemblies and battery box are complete. Just finished assembling the main chassis and it went together very well, fun stuff! The axles were made with MST axle stubs. The hub assemblies will be linked via sleeved threaded rod to give the solid axle appearance.

Material used was PETG with 4 perimeters, 5 layers top and bottom @ 50% infill. Wanted this to be solid yet lightweight and so far it's meeting both criteria.

I noticed that a carriage bolt looks an awful lot like a jack stand. I put a captured nut into the tongue assembly, super easy to do and formed the basis of the jack stand assembly. Will be finishing it off with a faux handle, etc.

Just waiting on some dirt grabbers to arrive so I can get the wheels assembled and the axles mounted and then I can finalize the fenders. Will post up pics when complete.


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Forgot to mention that the ramps are held in with both a small lip on the rear truss as well as a set of magnets in the middle truss. As well the light assemblies are from Axial and the leaf springs are 95mm Tamiya springs.


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Thanks for the kind words guys, looking forward to wrapping this up!

First off I laid a deck subsurface of 0.025 aluminum sheet and then laminated the diamond plate to it. The trailer structure seems plenty strong, I had a total weight of 40lbs of mini case weights on the deck when laminating the surfaces. Trailer frame was supported from underneath so I wouldn't flatten my leafs lol.

I assembled the hub assemblies. I used MST stub axles and the pic illustrates the assembly process I came up with. The assembly mounts to the leaf. Finally each assembly is threaded and joined with threaded rod to keep the spacing consistent and add support.

As well I cleaned up the leaf mounts and cut some brass tubing to act as pivot/slide bushings for the mounting screws.

Now that the axle spacing is finalized I can model the fenders. Getting closer!

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And here's the finished axle assembly. The threaded rod is sleeved with an old fmj arrow shaft that fit nicely over the rod. Hides the ugly threaded rod and added quite a bit of rigidity to the assembly as those shafts have a carbon core bonded to an aluminum outer skin.

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Finished up the trailer build, very happy with how it came together. Ended up scratch building some safety decals out of 1:1 safety decals lol.

The trailer is fully wired now, just need to pick up a current regulator as the battery is stowed in the front.

About the only things I would like to add to this is a licence plate and spare but that will come in time.

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Small Factory

Properly done. Excellent job.

I like the dimensions as well: trailers that fit the SRB buggies or the standard 200mm wide touring/drift/rally cars don't seem to be commercially available.


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Thank you Small! Yes that's what I noticed as well, the prebuilt trailers I saw were either too narrow or too wide for my needs. This fits my buggies, onroad car and my trail rigs comfortably.


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Really like this, I?m looking to do this eventually but for the Tamiya Mk2 escort. [emoji1303][emoji1319]

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