Ultimate Scale Build FJ Cruiser


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This build is a replica of my 2010 Fj CruiserTrail Teams.

Chassis - 2 sets of scx10
Axles - Rc4wd Yota axles
Drivetrain - Rc4wd 2 speed r3 transmission with mated hammer Transfer Case
Body - Nikko 1/10 scale fj cruiser
Suspension - Rc4wd shocks, Scratch built front ifs with cc01 lower control arms
Wheels - Vanquish products method 105 1.9 wheels
Tires - axial hankook dynapro tires converted to fit 1.9 wheels
Scratch built interior and engine bay from styrene.
Scratch built front bumper, rear bumper, sliders and skid plates from 3:16 brakeline and 22gauge steel plate.

The FJ has a box chassis which i copied using 2 sets of scx10 chassis with a lot of brazing and hammering.

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i will be using cc01 lower control arms and c hub

lower control arm mounts

rc4wd yota front axles

upper control arms made of rc4wd steel rod ends

shock towers

scale cv axles

rear lower control arm mount

1:1 rear suspension

panhard bar mount

4 link set up



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boztec rear diff skid plate

Inner fender lining

got my transmission and transfer case

mated them using jb weld i hope it holds

engine heads sit perfectly on top of the motor



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I have 295/75/16 hankook dynapro on my 1:1 and axial make them. its a stock tire for Axial exo. so i need 8 pcs to convert it to 1.9 size and to fill up the 3.0 inner side.

back to engine bay


hood latch system

brake booster




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safari snorkel


expedition one front bumper

expedition one rear bumper with swing out

shot comparison with my 1:1 wheels and tires

transmission and transfer case skid all done.

time to fabricate my exhaust. will be using 3:16 brakeline.

huge muffler

this is what i have done to her in 3 years lol
stay tuned for more.....


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Beautiful build. It's great how you have gone ultra realistic. Well done.
This is my fourth and probably last fj build, so i want it all out lol

Im drooling again. ::bigdrool

Nice work. Looks great so far. :biggthumpup:


That's wicked. What are you using for the lower rear links?

Lower rear links are from rc4wd with steel rod ends

Just amazing, subscribed!!

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That is one awsome looking engine bay. The detail is superb, well done

Wowsers! Talk about going the extra mile!


Wow! Incredible build! Subscribed! Regards Jens

Thank you. Now im more eager to finish this.


What the hell was that?!
My favorite part is the front suspension. Or maybe it's the detailed engine bay. Or maybe the chassis... The whole thing is my favorite part.