UNGLEWD's Build Threads


build. break. repeat.
LOL, Matt you and I were just talking about this. It's a shame those pics aren't available. I have gotten so much inspiration from KJ.

Hopefully he comes to his senses and starts building again. That dude has crazy skills.


I spent some time with Kev this summer. he has gotten the race simulator bug bad. then went and got a car to do some auto cross racing. think those 2 things are sucking up his time and money right now. We sat in my hobby room for a bit and the new SCX10-2 got him a bit excited, but when I showed him the RC4WD blazer body I have here he got very excited. maybe there is still hope.


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This thread was one real eyeopener of me when I started to fall in to this hobby. Such brilliant builds and I've been showing them many many times for my friends and relatives along with rest of the Guilds finest.

Wrencher, if you have a contact to him maybe we could atleast get the photos back online? ::pray