US Army jeep star


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Hi All, I am painting up a Gmade Sawback body in a MASH 4077 theme, my question is, does the star on the bonnet have the pieces of the circle around it or is it just the star? also what is the difference is it just the period in time. Should I be too worried as it is a themed build and not a replica of the jeep used in the Korean War? Any feedback would be great [PS I?m from Australia hence the question and not wanting to offend]


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Super cool that someone still remembers mash [emoji4] was my favourite series growing up. As far as I can remember and see on the pictures there is only the star without the circle. Since they only served as doctors I don?t think that you would offend anyone. Looking forward to see some pics of the build.

Cheers from Sweden

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Thanks, you can see what i have done so far in the General RC Builds - Project TRX4 Gmeep my first big project. a cross of a TRX4 Base and the Gmade Sawback body. I am on the RCCrawler Forum and that is more up to date if you want to check it out ,

RCCrawler Forums > RCCrawler Brand Specific Tech > Traxxas Crawlers
The Plan to fit a Gmade Sawback body to a TRX4 sport

also using the same name The Paddy Channel [just with spaces]