VS410-Pro Sports Bar


Scaled, but not fishy.
Gudday Tiny Truckers,
I recently threw together one of those awesome VS410 Pro shows. :biggthumpup:
I was planning to leave it stock and have it for a performance orientated trail rig.
No hard body, no piles of scale accessories.
Just a basic drive-able rig I don't have to stress about rolling down a hill and ending up in several pieces. :lol::laughing:

One thing I really wanted to add though, was a sports bar for the back.....:hmmm:
I call these a "sports bar" instead of a "roll bar" because IRL they are only there for looks.
Anything just bolted to the top of a ute tub isn't going to be a lot of help in an actual roll over....... ;)

I looked at the CC Hand one and thought it looked a bit skinny. I wanted mine to be more "THICC!!"
The Knight Customs one looks great and I almost ordered one when I remembered something.......:idea:
I've got a shed...... In that shed there are tools and raw materials....... I know, why don't I just make one.....:hmmm::betteridea:

8mm (5/16") round mild steel and some 1mm (.040") mild steel sheet + bending + drilling + heat + paint =

VS410 Sports bar.jpg

Please don't critique my crappy tig welds, ran out of Argon..... and patience.....:lol::laughing:

VS410 Sports bar fitted.jpg

Came up nice in the end and looks good from afar....... ;):lol:

VS410 Sports bar outside.jpg

Thanks for havin' a squiz champions.. ::2thumbs