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Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

I?m Luke, the creator/owner of Make It RC. I want to start by thanking Matthew for the invitation, I?m a long time browser of these forums and the work showcased here has been very inspiring. I also really enjoy the content on The Scale Builders Guild YouTube channel. Now that I?ve got an account, I look forward to posting some content here, as well as admiring the amazing work.

So what is Make It RC?

A brief history:

I really started to get into the hobby around 6 years ago, starting with AWD drifting and crawling. Make It RC started in mid-2017 as a YouTube channel where I posted video content of my custom RC builds. I?m a huge 3D printing and CAD modeling enthusiast so many of my RC builds feature large amounts of design work and 3D printing. Accessories, chassis?, bodies, drivetrains, and more. I really enjoy designing and building as much of the vehicle myself as I can.

The channel really took off, and by early 2018 it had accumulated well over a million views, 50k subs and even made it on the trending page. Along with an interest in the video content, viewers asked if the custom designed parts could be made available for sale. So I started up an online store selling these parts, and things have continued to grow from there.

What we do:

Make It RC consists of three main things,

? A YouTube channel with content that we attempt to make as entertaining, informative, and inspiring as possible.

? An online store with unique products, many of which being 1/24-1/25 scale. Great for plastic model to RC conversions.

? A Patreon page where members pay a monthly subscription to not only support the video content on YouTube, but also gain access to a growing library of parts that they can download and print on their own 3D printers at home.

I look forward to posting here as well as interacting with all of you.

Here are a few recent projects that I?ve built or am in the process of completing. Make It RC is a little more ?on-road? focused but our love of scale realism is the same.

Full build of Revell 70 Chevelle SS using Make It RC FFR SC1 chassis.

Custom 3D printed crawler frame and accessories using Pro-Line Jeep Cherokee body.


AMT 83 Camaro Z28 build using Make It RC FFR SC1 chassis.

Monogram 91 Firebird Formula drift missile fully custom build (WIP).



Monogram 85.5 Mustang SVO using Make It RC FFR SC1 chassis.


Any questions or comments feel free to let me know. You are welcome to send us an email at: inquiries@makeitrc.com

Thanks for checking out this thread!