What Chassis to Start with?


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I?m interested in starting a new CJ5 or CJ7 Build.
What Chassis would you recommend to start with?
I want the classic look with up to date performance. So i want a 4 link suspension...No Leaf Springs.
Any ideas?


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Pretty tuff starting point man. Have you looked at the options out there? anything you like. You planning hard body full on scale, etc.

Check out GCM Racing if you want to go all out scale. Maybe order up a tamiya jeep body and go from there. Check out some of Wrencher's builds and other Jerp builds on the site.

Not to be a jerk, but that is one of the best things about this site. All the resources are here, the search tool works pretty well. Hit up the Guild's Finest and you will get all the info you need and more, I promise.


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Deric's not wrong. That's a tough starting position. I've built a couple CJ's from Tamiya Wrangler bodies, modified with parts from RC-Crawler.it The wheelbase is so short, that you'll either be making a custom chassis, using a Tamiya CC-01 which isn't accurate at all, or reverting to leafs with a RC4WD TF2 SWB chassis. But, at least there's some options for you to start looking at!


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Thanks Matt.....
I had not considered Tamiya.
However I was thinking scratch building.....
Just wanted the closest chassis to start with....
Scale is important on this build...
I have been following you and josh on you tube .... enjoying the entertainment!!
You might recognize me as (Steve Davis)
I don’t post a lot.
You have inspired me!


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Since you?re scratch building you have the advantage to build in your own scale and could use any chassis. SCX10 will get your 4 link and VS410 will get you that plus performance.


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Funny you should mention a VS-410
I just completed the PRO kit.... didn’t think of scratch building on that chassis.


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Have you checked out the MST CMX chassis? Tamiya bodies fit great on it and you can get CJ modification kit from the website mentioned above.

I've built one from scratch when I was young and crazy. Making the front fenders was very challenging but also very rewarding. I think I did them like 8 times before they fit. Sounds interesting this project and let us know how you proceed!