What's a easy car to replicate out of styrene, and tips?


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I haven't done any custom styrene hardbodies before, so I am looking for a easy car to replicate off of. I was thinking of doing a Willy's Jeep because it is mostly flat, but I don't really like the actual car and I would probably lose interest halfway. I have made a custom bed out of 1/8 in sytrene for my TRX6, but that took way too long because I had to saw through all of the pieces, (using a hobby knife didn't seem to work, I ran it down the sheet for a couple of times but when I snapped it, it would break in to a random shape, I accidentally bent the tip of a Xacto knife before, and it cut the styrene really well, the tip would remove little strips of styrene and make indents deep enough for a piece to be snapped off, but it broke off, and I had no luck replicating it.)
Any tips for a easy car to replicate? I have a couple of years with RCs, and RC crawlers, but I have never built a styrene hardbody before.
Also I have some questions:
-Whats a good thickness of styrene to model the main body off of?
-How do you guys cut styrene easily
-Is there anything that I should watch out for while building a custom hardbody?



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I use .060 Styrene for most main body construction.

That thickness is wildly easier to score/snap than 1/8" thick styrene.

Start with a body that is mostly boxes. My first scratch build was a Volvo c303.

Good luck!


I would think a basic Step-van should be pretty easy. Round the corners over isn't quite up there with mirroring compound curves.

Maybe something like an AMC Eagle, or Audi Quattro.
That new ugly Tesla truck.

Do an image search for "papercraft" car truck van bus...