Where to get styrene

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy bulk styrene online and I'm wandering where's the best place to buy it. Just to let you know I live in Canada. Thanks


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This has come up multiple times and our search function works pretty well, almost as well as Google. ;)

I buy mine at Johnson Industrial Plastics.


In my neck of woods it is umpossible to by bigger sheets of styrene as the markers in Oslo will only sell to companies only.

Whwn I asked several sign makers in my area, they could order that, but shipping will be killer.
One said he could order next trime he needed something from the same place, 2 years later I have not heard a word...


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I have a friend with a sign shop local to me and he uses allot of styrene. He gets his stock from Plasticworld.ca and usually gets me a cost price so that i can resell styrene sheets in my shop.
I try and keep .010, .020, .040, .060 in stock in various sizes.