Work Truck Buildoff ! Holden 1 Tonner Tow Truck

Dave holio

What have here is the iconic Australian accident chase truck of the 80's n 90's, i grew up working and driving them , untill they got banned from accident/collision work.


Dave holio

They had a very low towing capacity and also dangerous to drive in the wet , ive spun out a few times but other wise fun to drive too

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Dave holio

Started to build up front nose panel

bonnet needs to be redone as it was hit with some direct sunlight during the week

Still more to add and its time for sanding and reshaping oh yerand more sanding

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Holden is a fascinating automobile company, does not surprise me one bit that these wreckers were a thing. Would be great to see an original next to a newer UTE chopped up and built as a wrecker!

Amazing styrene work, can't wait to see where this goes!


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Very wild project, can't wait to see how this turns out. The body is really coming along nicely. Are the dirty 5-spokes a hint about how the truck will end up looking?

I had no idea they had ever done something like this with Holdens, to my foreign perspective it looks like they put a ford Ranchero or chevy El Camino to work.

Dave holio

Yer they where a very sort after car back in the day and now aswell here
Few pics from weekend



Started working on the window frames atm and then onto the wicked curved roof

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